Bamboo Flooring Perth

  • As Perth’s leading wooden floor manufacturers, we have a plethora of surface options available. Bamboo is a great way of achieving a natural, wooden look and feel. It is a modern and sustainable option for the eco-friendly conscious homeowner.

    Bamboo grows extremely fast. Once it is cut, only a maximum of seven years is required to regrow and cut the same plant again. This is highly sustainable when compared to trees; oak, for example, takes 120 years to regrow.  

    Process of Manufacturing Bamboo Flooring:

    • Making a solid board

    Under extreme pressure, strands of bamboo are compressed to form one solid product. Observation of moisture levels during the production process results in a durable, stable floor. ARC is a very dense product, making it perfectly suitable to withstand daily stress and strain.

    • Uniclic joining system

    Objectively one of the best joining systems available, Uniclic ensures quick, easy and versatile installation. The strong joining system also results in a more stable floor that prevents the accumulation of moisture, dirt and dust between the planks.

    • Finishing

    S.R.T (Scratch Resistant Technology) – 11 coats of a market leading lacquer is applied to every board to ensure maximum protection against wear and tear.

    Anyone can promise a lifelong warranty, but more often than not, the delivery fails. With qualified representatives all over Australia, Quick-step offers full ground support no matter where you live. ARC carries a comprehensive lifetime structural warranty and a 25-year residential wear warranty.ur ARC bamboo floor with absolute peace of mind. ARC carries a comprehensive LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY AND 25 YEAR RESIDENTIAL WEAR WARRANTY.