November 10, 2022

The Pros and Cons of Engineered Flooring

Modern homeowners search for engineered wood flooring as it is not only a stylish option but also a functional and appealing substitute for traditional solid wood. However, there are some who won't settle for anything less than solid wood. We've compiled the many benefits of this option and outlined the one and only genuine drawback of engineered wood flooring to help you determine if it's the ...
October 9, 2020

5 Big Reasons You Want Luxury Hybrid Vinyl Plank Flooring

Hybrid vinyl flooring is designed to give you the best of both worlds when choosing between vinyl and laminate floors. You’ve probably heard of laminate plank flooring and you’ve probably heard of vinyl plank flooring - but you may not have heard hybrid vinyl flooring (A.K.A SPC flooring). While laminate is beloved for its timber-feel, waterproof vinyl is celebrated for its moisture-resista...
March 29, 2019

The benefits of laminate flooring

If you are contemplating laminate floors for your office, home or business, rest assured that this is a solid option that has both cost benefits, as well as the visual appeal you would want from wooden floors. Once you make the decision that you want to make a move away from carpets, and other conventional floor coverings, it is a great option to consider. Learn more about our Buying Tips and grading systems

February 13, 2019

Is Bamboo Flooring durable?

The Durability of  bamboo flooring makes it the  preference for expert floor installers Bamboo Flooring durability With the current state of the planet and taking into consideration that companies are being mindful of their ecological footprint, bamboo flooring has become a preference for expert floor installers and DIY homeowners alike. The contestation, though, may surround concerns about t...