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Most timber floors require minimum maintenance if they are looked after correctly.

Generally, a damp (not wet) mop does the trick. Simply add ½ cup of methylated spirits to a bucket of hot water and ensure that the mop is wrung out completely.

For oiled floors, never use water. Follow the manufacturer’s specifications for these surfaces.

There are a number of measures you can take to protect your new timber floor: Do not let people walk on your floor with high-heeled shoes; tape felt pieces underneath furniture corners and chair legs; and do not let removalists drag furniture or white goods across your floor.

If you want your new timber floor to look the very best it can, it is imperative that there are no trades working on your site while your floor is being installed. Silicone on the footwear of plumbers and glaziers can cause problems and there is a risk your timber could be damaged.

Carpet should not be laid until at least 24-hours after the final coat has been applied to your timber, as the fibres can float through the air and land on the timber as it is drying.

You must plan at least 24-hours before you move back into your house.

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