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5 Big Reasons You Want Luxury Hybrid Vinyl Plank Flooring

Hybrid vinyl flooring is designed to give you the best of both worlds when choosing between vinyl and laminate floors.

You’ve probably heard of laminate plank flooring and you’ve probably heard of vinyl plank flooring – but you may not have heard hybrid vinyl flooring (A.K.A SPC flooring).

While laminate is beloved for its timber-feel, waterproof vinyl is celebrated for its moisture-resistance and affordability.

With a hybrid vinyl floor, you get the ease and flexibility of vinyl with the luxury look of laminate – all for a low price point!

Check out some of the main reasons we love our hybrid vinyl flooring:

Style your rooms with any wood-look you like

When you opt for hybrid vinyl flooring, you’re not limited by the availability or the cost of timber. Jarrah, mountain ash, beech or mahogany – anything is possible! We offer 40+ SPC vinyl looks in our Osborne Park showroom.

You can see the full range here.

More affordable

Hybrid vinyl flooring is miles ahead when it comes to price. A hybrid vinyl floor, on average, will be an investment of around $26 per square meter. For comparison, a timber floor would set you back around $150 per square meter! That means a timber floor is over five times more expensive than hybrid/SPC – perfect for anyone designing with cost-effectiveness in mind.

Easier to clean

Hybrid vinyl flooring is easier to clean than standard laminate or hardwood timber. You’re not only restricted to bedrooms and living rooms with hybrid – you can run it through your kitchen and bathrooms, too. Hybrid vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof and requires only a sweep and a mop to maintain across the full lifecycle.


Ever been bothered by the sound of someone thumping down a hardwood hallway? How about a dog running through a tiled house? Hybrid vinyl floors are softer and quieter than traditional hardwood floors. They absorb impact and noise rather than reflecting it, which means clacky shoes, jittery pets and cacophonous accidents won’t be a problem!


Hybrid vinyl floors are highly damage-resistant. It’s pretty difficult to scratch, gouge, warp or otherwise impair a good-quality hybrid vinyl plank – and good quality is the only thing we stock at Titan Timber! Perfect for heavy-traffic commercial spaces or families with kids and pets, a hybrid vinyl floor will be a top-notch lifelong investment.

Keen on a hybrid vinyl floor? Check out the full Titan Timber range here!

You can also come down to our Osborne Park showroom (we have a playroom for kids!) to see our Perth hybrid vinyl flooring options in person. We offer free quotes, telephone assessments and a full range of installation services within 200km of our showroom.

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