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Is Bamboo Flooring durable?

The Durability of  bamboo flooring makes it the  preference for expert floor installers

Bamboo Flooring durability

With the current state of the planet and taking into consideration that companies are being mindful of their ecological footprint, bamboo flooring has become a preference for expert floor installers and DIY homeowners alike. The contestation, though, may surround concerns about the durability of the product.

Considered by many to be a sensible floor covering, it is noteworthy to consider that bamboo products are reliable and sturdy to use in your home, office or any other living space. Bamboo floors are durable and are able to withstand foot traffic in the same way that any other floor types are able to.

Types of bamboo floors

Bamboo floors can present as very hard, comparable to hardwood, or even as soft as softwood. What separates one type of pine from the next is the manufacturing process involved.

1. Natural bamboo floors are very strong, almost as strong as any other floor. Available in strand-woven and traditional variations, it is more resistant to damage when compared to carbonised bamboo. Its water-resistant properties are great for installation in almost any environment.

Strand-woven is the toughest natural bamboo variation, produced from narrow, bamboo strands, combined with other materials to form a more robust, solid slate. The natural look of the bamboo flooring keeps it simple and appeals to the more conservative buyer who is attracted by the simple look and feel.

2. Carbonised bamboo goes through a process of steaming under high pressure, followed by kiln drying, which changes the colour of the bamboo and keeps it makes it hard-wearing, yet softer in comparison to natural bamboo. The customisation factor makes this a popular choice as it allows one to get the desired colour required. The term of carbonisation refers largely to the colour achieved through customisation, as opposed to its strength.

All of our bamboo flooring products are carefully finished with several layers of protective varnish to ensure thoroughgoing fortification and safeguarding against deterioration. As a natural grass product, bamboo has the ability to resist water more efficiently in comparison to hardwood floors, making it very durable in moist conditions such as spas and bathrooms.

All in all, bamboo flooring is made from the best quality material, which handles foot traffic very well and last as for extended periods of time, similar to hardwood floors. The maintenance of this type of flooring is also easy, allowing for easy cleaning. Where high foot traffic is experienced, there are options for refinishing to ensure that your floors keep a high-quality look and finish.

Drawbacks of using Bamboo

There are drawbacks to selecting bamboo flooring. It is not as robust as conventional hardwood floors, yet it is very competitive in that regard. When choosing a product, be sure to keep the materials used in its manufacture in mind. Some glues used in bonding have been known to be toxic and have the propensity to be harmful to the occupants of a particular space.

Titan Timber Flooring offers a variety of bamboo flooring colours to suit your taste and needs. Our team holds years of experience in installing bamboo flooring. To get your quality bamboo flooring in Perth, contact us today.

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