Engineered Timber

Engineered timber flooring (as opposed to real hardwood) is made from panels of different kinds of wood (usually plywood) that are attached and glued together. A surface layer is then added to the top.

Again, there are various grain- and colour options and the panel can be measured to any desired length. Similar to the pre-finished floors, engineering timber is pre-manufactured and processed in a factory which means the installation is easy and there are no smells or messy tools and equipment invading your home. Once the boards are ready for installation, we allow the client to view the finished product and give final approval before any fitting takes place.

The top layer (also known as the veneer) is a solid piece of wood slightly thinner than other timber floors. Stable and hard-wearing, engineered timber is therefore a cost-effective option that provides the look of a hardwood timber floor at a lower price point.

At Titan Timber Flooring we are specialists in the manufacturing and installation of any wood flooring. This option is no exception.